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How can Soundmind Solutions, LLC counseling help?

Our licensed therapists provide professional guidance and support that help couples deal with ongoing relationship issues. Counseling helps those struggling with specific issues by providing a safe and positive environment to express concerns, identify core issues and find practical therapeutic solutions to their problems.

How many counseling sessions are required?

The number of sessions varies for each couple depending on their particular situation. Experienced and qualified Soundmind Solutions, LLC counselors begin with an in-depth evaluation and discuss your primary goals that help to determine the required number of sessions.

Should I attend the first couple counseling session alone?

It is always best when couples attend sessions together, yet if one partner is unwilling, individual therapy may be recommended. Consult a Soundmind Solutions, LLC counselor for professional guidance at (904) 242-6318 to find the best therapy program for you.

Is marriage counseling confidential?

Providing a safe and confidential environment to couples is of utmost importance. Soundmind Solutions, LLC counselors in Neptune Beach are required by law to respect client confidentiality. In accordance with state and federal laws, a licensed therapist or counselor is only required to disclose information regarding any individual who displays an intent to harm themselves or others.

What can I expect in our first session?

Your initial counseling session explores the primary issue and core struggles that prompted you to seek counseling. Our trained therapists identify and help couples set precise goals to derive the maximum benefit from your counseling sessions.

How can I get the most out of marriage counseling?

Counseling can be a very rewarding experience for couples who are seeking constructive solutions to their problems and fully committed to resolving the relationship issues they are facing. Active and willing participants achieve results from our effective counseling programs.